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About Partners

Genesis CITI, Certiport and Masterskill have always been committed to providing exceptional learning and testing experiences for our teachers and learners, and we remain committed to our customers even amidst the challenges that many schools and businesses are facing as a result of COVID-19.

The 3 entities has also partnered under the banner of “4IR Skills for Education”, in changing the narrative of South Africa Education in offering global vendor recognized certification to High School Students.

Visit 4IR Skills Website for more info on this partnership!

Genesis CITI, a social tech enterprise has partnered with Masterskill and Certiport to empower unemployed youth during the COVID-19 pandemic. Genesis CITI is the Centre Operator of the I-CAN Centre where citizens receive free internet access and empowerment of digital skills. Between access and empowerment, the I-CAN Centre, a public access facility has become a trailblazer in citizens of all walks of life adopting technology to improve livelihood with more than 10 000 training opportunities offered over a period of 4 years! Certiport, A Pearson Vue Business and Masterskill has aided the need of offering free online digital training for unemployed youth with Microsoft Productivity Programs through the Jasperactive Platform.

Empowering Youth With Jasperactive?

As receptive learning is diverse in a didactical way, the Jasperactive Platform presents a kinesthetic learning approach. Unlike other video learning platforms, “Jasperactive” platform is the only Online Kinesthetic Learning and Validation platform; also, it is the only platform in the world to address and customize learning needs as student’s progress on the platforms. The impact worldwide is incalculable, as online learning grows globally. This breakthrough platform has revolutionized learning, as it accommodates learning needs directly. The platform has been widely adopted by universities and colleges across the world.

The Microsoft Productivity Programs (Word / Excel / PowerPoint) is offered across Universities and TVET Colleges as an entry – level computer competency module, and even integrated into management and engineering studies. Providing a free online digital learning platform for all youth to access, creates an equalized opportunity to ensure that all youth are digitally literate and competent end-users for the 4th Industrial Revolution. The opportunity provided ensures that 2020 will not be an educational amiss!

The Jasperactive platform will make youth industry-ready to undertake a renowned Microsoft Office Specialist exam offered by Certiport. Microsoft SA has a standing MOU with MICT SETA where Microsoft Certifications such as Word, Excel & PowerPoint can receive up to 48 SAQA Credits through Recognized Prior Learning.

Jasperactive focuses on the critical thinking and application of learning, ensuring learners spend more time using Microsoft Office rather than understanding how to use it in theory. Many people question whether or not they really require Microsoft Office skills. The answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ Microsoft Office is one of the top 3 skills required for jobs today, in fact, 85% of supervisors say Microsoft Office certified employees are more productive.

It embraces what you know so that you can focus on learning what you don’t. How cool is that?

Jasperactive instantly measures a student understanding of Microsoft Office desktop applications and prescribes a personalized learning and assessment to each student. The system accommodates the learning needs based on skills performance.

How to download / install / login into Jasperactive?
Video: Master Microsoft Office with Jasperactive
Video: Using the Jasperactive Installer

After the training and assessment, students are capable to undertake the Microsoft Office Specialist Productivity Exams at any Certiport (A Pearson Vue Business) Exam Testing Centre. Genesis CITI will support students across South Africa to undertake these exams.

Public – Private Partnership

The partners listed below is part of the strategic roll out in ensuring that all youth in South Africa obtain digital skills. In order to be part of the partnership, please submit info to our online form.

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